Bulk up






Let’s face it — every man wishes to be bigger and stronger. Even if you’re not going to build a physique like your favourite male superhero, it doesn’t hurt to gain a few pounds of solid muscles to fill your shirt out right?


Have you ever thought….

  • Why does your ‘hardgainer’ type body refuse to build muscles regardless of how hard you train?
  • Why does food make your friends fat but doesn’t put an ounce of muscle, or even fat, on your frame?
  • Of giving up and remaining skinny all your life?

Good news – you don’t have to skinny anymore. We are here to help.

Let our personal trainers guide you on a journey to build a more muscular body. In as short as a couple of weeks, feel changes to your body. In a month, you will see a difference. In 3 months, people around you notice a difference and you can banish your skinny related nicknames forever!


Want the same results?

Be determined, be consistent and listen to your personal trainer’s advice. Results are guaranteed.
With our time tested methods and vast personal training experience, we have helped numerous skinny individuals slab on pounds of muscles on their frames and changed their lives forever! We want YOU to experience the same. Now, we want to help YOU lose the weight that you think is so hard to lose.


Our Highly customised approach to bulking up:

  • In depth analysis of your current fitness level, exercise history, medical history, lifestyle and dietary habits in order to craft out a suitable program for you
  • Go through muscle blasting workouts that effective pile on slabs of muscles on your frame
  • Sustainable diet plan that is safe and effective for achieving maximal muscle gain in minimal time
  • Progress monitoring and regular tweaks to your program to avoid hitting plateaus
  • Get motivated and pushed to your limit by our dedicated personal trainers


Our 3-Month Bulk up Program Helps Youman-461195_1280

  1. Build a thicker chest and back to fill our your shirts
  2. Broaden your shoulders for a manly look
  3. Develop a V shaped, athletic physique
  4. Get stronger legs and core 
  5. Step out of your skinny self and face the world with confidence!


Note: Results may vary. Images shown are for illustration purpose only.