Individualized Programs


trioxane-835805_1280The human body is unique. What works for John may not work for Peter. Therefore, at Max Rep Personal training, we customize each and every program to suit your body and your needs.

Other than just an exercise program, our personal trainers will write you an easy to follow diet plan and also provide you with lifestyle modification tips in order for you to get maximal results in minimal time. If you’re not reaching your goals at the gym now, a customized program might be what you need!

Customised Periodic Tweaks to Avoid Plateaus

training-828726_1280You might have heard that you get good results in the beginning but after a while things slow down and you hit a ‘plateau’.

Indeed this happens at times. However, by providing constant fine tuning of your gym program, we minimize the occurrence of plateaus and ensure you are able to not only obtain results but maintain your desired physique in the long run.