Fat Loss for Women

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Fat Loss for Ladies

Being plus sized with flabby arms and thighs is no fun. After years of having your weight creep up, you suddenly realize that things are getting out of han. There is now no confidence to speak of and you try hard to hide behind your loose clothing. You go into panic mode, but it seems like you have no solution to your problem!


Perhaps you have…

  1. Tried running or swimming but the weight doesn’t budge
  2. Experimented with diets but was only left tired and lethargic
  3. No motivation whatsoever when you try to exercise
  4. Zero clue on how to get started on a weight loss program


Don’t worry. You are not alone.

Day in day out, Gold’s Gym personal trainers help ladies like yourself deal with weight management issues.
With enough determination and consistency, many have used our Women’s Quick Fat Loss Program with great success and lost the pounds for good.
Confidence is regained and lives are back to normal.
Now, we want to help YOU lose the weight that you think is so hard to lose.


Our Highly Customized Approach to Slimming

  1. In depth analysis of your current fitness level, exercise history, medical history, lifestyle and dietary habits in order to craft out a suitable program for you
  2. Firm up your muscles by doing results producing weight training routines
  3. Burn fats quickly by following our targeted cardiovascular exercise regime
  4. Sustainable diet plan that is safe and effective for achieving maximal fat loss in minimal time
  5. Modifications to your lifestyle to incorporate components of healthy eating and exercise
  6. Progress monitoring and regular tweaks to your program to avoid hitting plateaus
  7. Get motivated and pushed to your limit by our dedicated personal trainers


Our Weight Loss Program Helps You

  1. Target stubborn areas like hips, thighs, tummy and arms
  2. Achieve safe but highly effective weight loss
  3. Lose the weight and keep it off, preventing “rebounds”
  4. Get the sexy curves you always desire
  5. Build a ton of self esteem and confidence


Note: Results may vary. Images shown are for illustration purpose only.